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In order to provide you with the high quality and competitive prices we cooperate with 5 laboratories from India and China. Only here you can find the newest legal products and products that have been looking for so long.Please note, not all products are shown on the website, please contact for clarification.Our logistics team works perfectly, we have achieved fast and reliable delivery, now your package will be delivered up to 3 days.There are various research synthetics available to be purchased accessible here and these exclusively fill distinctive needs of the analysts. The organization is known to supply credible and institutionalized chemicals concoctions to the researchers and thus, has possessed the capacity to become well known in the business.


We ship to all countries including USA, Australia and New Zealand. We ship orders from multiple warehouses: China and some cases from EU, USA, Kazakhstan. Depending on what you want to order and where to send, as well as to stock availability, we will offer shipping from the optimal warehouse.

Money Back

We offer charge back on order if found defected or if there are any issues from the shop end. Charge backs or refunds happen within 14 days after getting your product.


We pay these fees so you don’t have to! The total billed at checkout is the final amount you pay, inclusive of VAT, with no additional charges at the time of delivery!

Global Online Chem research chemical shop

Have you been struggling to load up on specific chemical compounds for your experiments? Global Online Chem has a solution. As a 100% confidential online pharmacy for medicine and research substances, we have built a broad selection of prime-quality drugs that scientists and pharmacology specialists can use for their breakthrough inventions.

Research chemicals are commonly classified as synthetic drugs for legal and regulatory purposes. Synthetics are a broad grouping of drugs which include ketamine, and synthetic cathinones (bath salts).

Our facilities work 24/7 and carry the most diverse medication solutions. From now on, you can easily facilitate your lab experiments!

Available chemicals and medications online

Starting successful medical research requires equipment, expertise, and, above all, top-notch chemicals. Without quality substances, any study may falter. That’s where Global Online Chem steps in, dedicated to supplying you with drug components as soon as you need them.

Choosing us as your research chemicals vendor leaves you packed with all the necessities you need for educational purposes or practical investigations involving:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Painkillers
  • Stimulants
  • Psychedelics
  • Other substances

Please note that our products are formulated for research purposes within laboratory environments, so you should wear protective gear and adhere to precautions when working with them. As a reliable research chemicals supplier, Global Online Chem cares about every aspect of customer satisfaction, including your own safety. 

Why choose us?

Established to facilitate the needs of pharmacologists, therapists, and other medical professionals, we provide permanent access to essential compounds via a rock-solid supply chain. Focus on your work while we take care of delivery, packaging, and quality of the chemicals you receive.

What sets us apart from your nearby drug shop pharmacy is that we:

  • Provide prescription-free substances. Has a prescription policy stopped you from expanding your medical knowledge? Leave it in the past and access a range of over-the-counter chemicals at Global Online Chem. We are the #1 destination for scientists, researchers, and students seeking compounds for their projects.
  • Have an ever-increasing selection of drugs. Our online medication inventory is our pride. From pure ketamine hydrochloride to synthetic cannabinoids, you can order everything for pharmacotherapy development in unlimited amounts. Can’t find what you need? Our team will gladly assist in sourcing the required substances.
  • Vouch for research chemical quality. Collaboration with independent labs helps us uphold the highest standards of purity and consistency of all products. The formulations are put to the test before reaching our warehouse. We are also aware of every ingredient utilized in psychedelic drugs, promptly discarding any product that falls short of safety and quality criteria.
  • Ensure a smooth ordering process. Regardless of your location, we handle order and shipping issues, including customs fees and privacy. We can send your drugs discreetly via many services, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL, so you can choose the most convenient way to receive your compounds within 4-5 business days.

Have you found the perfect compound for your research at our online drug store? Simply pick a payment option, be it a wire or online transfer, and we’ll start packing your chemicals the same day. Western Union, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin are some of our customers’ most popular payment methods.

Should you encounter any issues with your chemicals, our refund policy covers it.

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